Judge Center

Michael Grimsley is excited to announce a Judge Candidate Workshop that will be beginning soon. The classes will begin on Tuesday March 17th through May 19th and culminate with eligible candidates being offered the Level 1 exam. The course will be held at Ready to Play in Cayce (Columbia area) on Tuesdays from 7-8pm. In addition to the classwork, supplemental activities for judge candidates will include floor judging at Regular REL events either at Ready to Play or any other local game store. Interested players who would like a more in-depth understanding of the rules and policy can also take this class.

The weekly course will cover the Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules, and Judging at Regular policy. Specific topics can be found in the Course Schedule.

Course Schedule:

March 17:        Week 1: Turn Structure, Turn Based Actions

Lesson 1 Power Point

March 24:        Week 2: Permanents, Statuses of Permanents, Zones

March 31:        Week 3: Copying, Evergreen Keyword Abilities

April 7:            Week 4: Interaction of Continuous Effects (Layers)

April 14:          Week 5: Casting Spells and Activating Activated Abilities

April 21:          Week 6: State-Based Actions

April 28:          Week 7: Handling Triggered Abilities

May 5:             Week 8: Keyword Abilities in Standard

May 12:           Week 9: Judging at Regular Document

May 19:           Week 10: Magic Tournament Rules

A more in-depth look at each of the courses can be found here.