FNM Championship

– What to be the Champion of FNM?  Want FREE FNM for the month?  Want your own chair and spot to play FNM at?  Want tokens made of any creature type that has you as the creature?  Want the Grand Prize?

– Come out to FNM every friday and start earning points in becoming the FNM Champion.  Points will be awarded for entering FNM, match wins, and draws.  The player with the most points at the end of the month will be the FNM Champion for that month.

FNM Champion will receive:

  • FREE FNM for the following month

  • Special seating and chair

  • Pick of creature token they want to be

  • $25 store credit and an additional booster pack at FNM’s with their prize support

– Players that take down the FNM Champion during FNM will receive a standard booster pack for their VICTORY!!


**2015 Standings

**2016 Standings