2 Headed Giant


We get to play with a friend! It’s a chance to share the driver’s seat with someone who’s just started to play Magic so we can give them pointers and insight. It’s a chance to teach loved ones how to play in a tournament setting while holding their hand throughout the event. Best of all, it gives us the opportunity to learn new angles and approaches to the game by seeing it through the eyes of another player.

We usually talk about card synergies when we try to pinpoint what in-game situations make for the most fun and interesting games of Magic. Two-Headed Giant gives us the opportunity to abuse synergies more than ever before by pushing a strategy with two players at the same time. For example, back in 2007, Slivers may have been underwhelming when playing normal Limited, but the additional power boost they received alongside a teammate who was also playing Slivers was enough to make the strategy nearly unbeatable.