2018 New Year – New Game

Good day!

Lon here and I want to welcome you to Ready to Play!

Some of our familiar faces have left us this winter but there are some new faces to help you out! Come out and meet David and Daniel if you haven’t already! There are also changes in the gaming lineup adding extra attention to the growth of UFS, WarmaHordes and X-Wing in store! If you have suggestions or questions feel free to msg me! I love playing games for the social interaction and the friendships forged! I firmly believe we need more meeples in front of peoples day to day!

  • General games – I am always available to play a game of Cribbage! I also love Ascension, Agricola, Splendor, 7 Wonders, Looters, Munchkin, Smash Up and many more!
  • Miniatures – I play Retribution of Scyrah in WarmHordes (down with humans..) and fly only Rebels in X-wing. (down with the Empire..) But to be honest I am more hobbyist than player so ask me if you wanna learn to pin your minis!
  • MTG – I have enjoyed playing Magic the Gathering since 1995 and being part of the MTG Judge community since 2014! I became a Judge to learn all I could for competitive play and to help peeps around me not learn making the same mistakes many of us older players have made. This role was expanded in 2015 when I became a tournament organizer for RTP (Ready to Play) I work to provide a place where MTG players can play and learn in a store where competitive play and knowledge is readily available.